A versatile light dedicated to coating application.


Diffused Light & App Control

PRISM PLUS is a unique lighting solution developed especially for coating application process. The two included diffuser caps will filter the strong LED light and create the effect of a soft-box, ideal to detect high spots and eliminate coating defects without the need of complicated studio setup. Equipped with up to 10 hours battery life & a powerful 1200lms from its CRI+ LED, the PRISM PLUS is designed to be your sidekick when it comes to portable light solutions.

Heavy Work Proof & Bluetooth Control

PRISM PLUS is a versatile inspection lamp, fitted with Bluetooth connectivity and a power bank. If you are all about ergonomics and efficiency, PRISM PLUS can be used in groups of up to 5 lamps and all controlled from the dedicated GYEON PRISM app – available in Google Play and App Store. Rated IK07 & IP67, PRIMS PLUS will resist heavy impact while being dust-tight and waterproof.